MarieBelle Aztec Original Hot Chocolate

What I love about MarieBelle Aztec Original Hot Chocolate is that it is actually a damn fine drinking chocolate that whips up like a glass of Nestlé Quik.  It is definitely easy to prepare.  Just mix with boiling water to create a full-flavored cup of European-style hot chocolate.  And it is definitely satisfying: lush, rich, bold, and balanced.  I don’t think it’s the most sophisticated drinking chocolate in the world–for that you need to go to a quality single origin bar or a very fine blend of a higher grad cacao, and make the drinking chocolate yourself.  But not everyone needs the most sophisticated drinking chocolate in the world every day.  I drink seven cups of drinking chocolate a week in the winter and three or four a week in the summer or when I’m travelling, and the vast majority of those I’m just looking for satisfying sustenance with solid flavor.  MarieBelle easily fits that bill, and then some!

Another way to use MarieBelle Hot Chocolate is to mix it with milk to make a more traditional American-style hot chocolate.  It can also be used as an ingredient.  Make the the European version of the drinking chocolate and refrigerate it for a chocolate filling or additive for pies (pecan is super) or drink it as a dark Creme de Chocolat.

Voted Best Tasting Hot Chocolate by Business Week (whoever they are!), MarieBelle Hot Chocolate is made from single origin Colombian Cocoa (63%) and contains no cocoa powder.


Iced Chocolate

Chocolate powder to 1/4 C of boiling water. Stir until smooth and well melted. In a blender, mix melted chocolate with 2 Cups of ice. Blend until ice is well grounded, serve at once. Makes 16 oz.


MarieBelle Drinking chocolates and a smattering of their other chocolate goodies, such as the beautiful (to look at) and quite tasty (to eat) MarieBelle White Chocolate Macha is now available for sale at The Meadow.

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