Bon Bon Buddies Acquires Kshocolat

There are great chocolates and there are fun chocolates.  Both are successful when they recognize what they are after from the get-go, and d0n’t filly fally around trying to be something they’re not.  Kshocolat burst on the scene based almost entirely on the idea of making a package look beautiful and fun, and making the chocolate fun and, how shall we say it… “yummy.”  It is not great, not serious, not complex, not even actually all that much concerned with being chocolate at all.  At The Meadow we’ve sold Kshocolat since they burst on the scene in Scotland, importing it ourselves and hoping for the best when the giant cartons of product arrived–sometimes inexplicably at our home address.   Sadly, supply has always been a challenge, and over time we’ve had to give up even trying to get more and now our entire inventory is more or less gone (a few tubes of Strawberettes remain on the shelves, nothing more).  But now, it looks like we’ll have one of our “funnest” chocolates salvaged, and cross your fingers, perhaps on the shelves again in time for the holidays!

Press release: Following their recent entry into administration, certain assets and intellectual property of Kshocolât Ltd and Brand 1602 Chocolate Ltd have now been acquired by Bon Bon Buddies Ltd, Europe’s leading character licensed novelty confectionery and biscuit company.

The Kshocolât and Hot Choc brands encompass a range of premium boxed chocolates and confectionery, chocolate bars and drinking chocolate, with award-winning contemporary designs. These luxury products sell in a variety of UK premium retailers and enjoy a strong international presence in over 20 export markets.

Bon Bon Buddies will now invest in the brands to further develop the existing product range, build the brand profile and increase distribution. By maximising the marketing and market opportunities for Kshocolât and Hot Choc, Bon Bon Buddies plans to further enhance and complement its successful confectionery portfolio.

Chris Howarth, Managing Director of Bon Bon Buddies, said: “We are delighted to have completed this excellent acquisition against strong competition. The Kshocolât and Hot Choc brands will allow us to extend our market presence into the premium chocolate market in the UK and Europe with this exciting premium confectionery range”.

Bon Bon Buddies are currently holding in-depth discussions with Kshocolât’s existing supplier base and hope to re-launch the range at the earliest opportunity. However all future orders will only be made to customers within the Retail trade. For further information please view our Terms & Conditions

In readiness for the re-launch of the Kshocolât range, we are strongly encouraging existing Trade/Retail customers to contact Paul Stanton at Bon Bon Buddies, in order to obtain both the Account Application Form and Terms & Conditions.

Once these forms are returned to us, our Finance Department will then take up all relevant credit applications and references and process the applications accordingly. Once established, notifications will be sent indicating your Account Information and, if applicable, credit limit.

Bon Bon Buddies are enthusiastic to grow both the Kshocolât and Hot Choc brands within all markets and are excited to expand its already successful client base with Kshocolât’s previous customers.

In the first instance of for further information please contact Paul Stanton at

We look forward to receiving your applications in the very near future and establishing successful trading relationships with you.

About Bon Bon Buddies

Bon Bon Buddies is a privately owned market leading business specializing in design, sourcing, manufacturing and marketing character and branded confectionery and biscuits.  Bon Bon Buddies head office is in South Wales, UK with additional sales, marketing and logistics offices in France, Benelux, Denmark and Poland.

Bon Bon Buddies license the intellectual rights for kids entertainment properties from the major global brand owners, working with their most popular character properties, including: Disney – Princess, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Cars and Toy Story; Nickelodeon – Spongebob; Marvel – Spiderman and Ironman; Sanrio – Hello Kitty; Lucas Film – Star Wars; and, BBC – In the Night Garden and Dr Who.

Bon Bon Buddies were winners of the Licensing Industry Awards for ‘The best food or drink range’ in both 2008 and 2009.

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  1. on 12 Jun 2010 at 5:07 pmChef Chuck

    Chocolate! What a fantastic site…..I’m recommending it to my Chef friends!
    Please check out my blog if you have the time:

    Chef Chuck

  2. on 09 Jul 2010 at 7:00 pmBruce Mackh

    I love chocolate! And, I loved reading your blog!!

    Best, Bruce Mackh

  3. on 20 Jul 2010 at 12:56 pmDark Chocolate Fan

    These bon bons look really fun. A quality chocolate that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Very nice niche.

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