Caffe Acapella Coffee Bars

The French Business ManQuestion: What looks like a chocolate bar, has the same mouthfeel as a chocolate bar, and satisfies many of the same senses as a chocolate bar, but is not a chocolate bar?

Answer: A coffee bar.

Caffe Acapella has created a bar replacing chocolate solids with coffee solids. Or to be precise, they blend cocoa butter coffee mass to create a chocolate/coffee bar. Caffe Acapella makes a Caffe Acapella espresso bar called the Espresso Serenade (just plain espresso blend (of three arabica beans) and a Caffe Acapella cappuccino bar called the Cappuccino Connoisseur. I met the folks at Caffe Acapella in New York a few months ago. They had the zealous rabid glow of belief in what they were doing that is agreeable in anyone working in food.

The Caffe Acapella website explains the flavor experience they hope to achieve thusly:

Caffe Capella Coffee Bars“To understand the quality of our products is to understand truly fine espresso and how our patent pending formulas and processes convert the beloved drink to a solid form. Although used by roasters to denote certain types of bean blends roasted in an Italian (dark) style, the term espresso actually refers more to a coffee drink prepared by a certain method invented and made famous by the Italians. In this method, the espresso machine rapidly forces hot water at high pressure through the ground coffee bean – in contrast to conventional drip methods of coffee preparation where near scalding water is slowly passed through the ground coffee without pressure. The espresso technique results in a gentler but more thorough extraction of the coffee flavor from the bean, especially the particularly flavorful coffee oils… Since our bars contain the entire bean, finely milled to gently release all the precious coffee oil, we are able to capture a truly authentic espresso flavor…”

Technically, just as a white chocolate bar is still called chocolate, the Caffe Acapella espresso bar might still be called a chocolate bar that is heavily flavored with coffee. Ideed, with cocoa butter ranked as the number two ingredient after sugar, the bars have more cacao solids than coffee. (Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, milk (in the cappuccino bar), fresh roasted gourmet arabica espresso beans, and soy lecithin.) Likewise, the bars are as sweet as the sweetest white chocolate bars.

The Caffe Acapella coffee bars, (in the espress bar and the cappuccino bar) are sweet, but not necessarily sweet outside the realm of historical precedent.
Ever been to France, stood at the bar of a neighborhood cafe, and had one of those very dense, confidently bitter espressos the French working class are so fond of? Something I have witnessed more than once is a well-heeled homme d’affaires, or a surly trucker, or a petard-smoking concrete mason, dipping a cube of sugar into the cool dregs at the bottom of the espresso cup, then unapologetically popping the entire thing into his mouth before it has a chance to dissolve.

Sugar, coffee, with the buttery lip-balmy body of a chocolate bar. If this all coming up sounding short of a ringing endorsement of Caffe Acapella’s coffee bars, it is nonetheless a call to at least try one. Explore the similarities between your wanderlusting heart and that paragon of savoir vivre, the Gallic espresso drinker.

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  1. on 14 Dec 2011 at 3:37 pmMaryJo

    Where can you buy these bars? I am looking for a place that will take orders over the phone or Internet and ship. Thank you.

  2. on 28 Dec 2011 at 7:26 pmMark Bitterman

    Hi Mary Jo – I’m not sure where to get A Capella nowadays, but at The Meadow we now carry a very similar bar called Ka-Pow, made by a Portland chocolatier called Sahagun. I highly recommend it – every batch is made with beans from a different micro-roaster and one bar has about the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso. Yum!

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